You’ve worked hard on your book, article, or marketing materials. You know it’s good, but you want it to look professional. You want to ensure that your grammar is correct, that everything is spelled and punctuated correctly, and that you’ve used the best possible wording to bring out your ideas. You need that fresh pair of eyes to honestly tell you how to improve your text—to see changes to which you as the author may be blind.


Good writing is more than correct spelling, grammar, and structure—it’s about the quality of your message. An experienced editor ensures that your writing is the best it can be, and that your text is consistent, flows well, and is free from embarrassing errors. How your message is presented affects how your readers perceive you and your words. The perfect word can make a remarkable difference, and even subtle changes in phrasing can transform a so-so manuscript into one that is compelling and engaging.

As an author, you need a professional who supports you and your manuscript; a professional who has honed the craft and skill of editing over many years and many manuscripts. In the special author-editor relationship, the right editor is equal parts teacher, cheerleader, and diplomat and creates a relationship based on mutual respect and consideration. The editor’s job is to make you look good.


A professional editor:

  • Helps you tell your story.
  • Provides respectful feedback.
  • Teaches you how to become a better writer.
  • Takes care of your “baby” and helps you bring it to maturity.
  • Improves your language while maintaining your unique voice.

“Lea is by far the best editor I’ve ever worked with. Her passion for quality and attention to detail really came across in her edits. Anyone who hires Lea should consider themselves very lucky!”

Shari Kjerland, Senior Technical Writer, Microsoft

Good editing is invisible editing.