I work with companies, organizations, and individuals to carefully edit and rewrite content tailored to their needs. I perform meticulous and mindful editing of academic articles and books, self-help books and memoirs, history books and historical novels, business documents, and technical documentation. I make you look good by catching misspellings, inconsistencies, and incorrect information.

In addition to correcting spelling and grammatical errors, I help make your text easier to understand so that readers do not stumble over words, phrases, or ideas. Text that is clear inspires confidence and trust and helps you better connect with your audience.

I pride myself on being professional and respectful.

  • Initial discussion about your project. This includes type of project, length, edit level, and timeframe.

  • I perform a short sample edit (three to five pages) of your work so that I can assess the editing level and you can see how I edit.

  • After we agree to work together, we discuss the logistics of the project and sign a letter of agreement or contract.

  • I request a 50% deposit to guarantee time in my schedule for your project.

  • I perform my edit and I'll contact you if I have questions that need to be answered to facilitate the edit.

  • You review the edited document, comments, and questions. You can reject or discuss changes and/or provide updated text.

  • If you update text based on my questions and comments, I review that updated text to ensure consistency.

  • At the end of the project, I invoice you for the remainder of the fee.


Contact me for a document that describes the editing process in further detail.

Line Editing
Line editing involves reviewing the manuscript at the sentence and paragraph level to improve the language. A line edit removes overused or redundant words, improves the flow by varying the sentence structure, and resolves inconsistencies, awkward transitions, and unclear passages. It also involves checking facts.
Copy Editing
Copy editing entails editing for spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation and can be light, medium, or heavy (this is where copy editing crosses the border into line editing). It can also involve formatting the document and checking facts.
Proofreading entails reading the final document to catch any last-minute errors in spelling or grammar and to ensure page numbers, footers, and organization are correct. It is not the same as copy editing or line editing and is not meant to improve sentences or readability.
Academic Editing
Academic editing includes dissertations, journal articles, books, applications, cover letters, and more. I help academic publications put a professional touch on journals and books by fact-checking names, dates, and places in addition to standard copy editing and line editing. I can polish dissertations, applications, and cover letters to help students obtain a better result, whether it’s a higher grade or entrance to a school or job.
Technical Editing
Technical editing includes user documentation, online help, white papers, newsletters, reports, user interface text, and websites in the areas of high-tech, legal, and general business. I have extensive experience editing and writing for the high-tech industry. I can edit for your specific readership, whether it’s those with a high level of expertise in a topic or those with little or no prior subject knowledge.

I have experience using numerous style guides, but am most familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style, the AP Stylebook, The Blue Book, the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications, and Words into Type, among others. I also edit British English using the Oxford Style Manual, the Cambridge Handbook for Editors, and the Copyeditors Handbook.

Although style guides provide consistency and standardize text, I believe in being flexible so that styles are in line with the document. It takes an experienced editor to know when to bend, ignore, or create new rules to benefit the text. The bottom line is clarity and readability.

“What a relief to have my project in Lea’s capable hands! Her skill and finesse as an editor combined with her diligence and speediness in returning the sections of writing was wonderful. She does what she says she’ll do and she does it with excellence.”

Staci Sprout, licensed psychotherapist, author of Naked in Public