My job is to make you and your writing look good. I love language and helping authors perfect their text. I have spent more than thirty years honing my eye for detail and my ear for the right words and rhythm. I believe in treating you and your text with respect.

Personal History


Lea Galanter

When I was growing up in New York, I knew that I wanted to be a journalist, but somehow the dream was set aside during my high school years, in which I immersed myself in reading historical novels and playing classical guitar. It was only later that I came back to my love of journalism by working for the university paper, where I did everything from editing copy and writing music reviews, to paste-up and layout.

I worked my way up the editorial ladder at various magazines before switching to technical writing and editing. Throughout my career, I’ve worked on marketing materials, legal documents, encyclopedia articles, and academic text. While studying for my master’s in the UK, I edited dissertations, which taught me how to edit in British English.

As an editor and a language lover, I learn something new every day. Working on manuscripts is like opening a new puzzle box and fitting all the pieces together into a perfect picture.

For more information about my background, see my résumé or my LinkedIn profile.

Academic Training

Bachelor’s in History (focus on Medieval History)
Four years post-graduate studies in Journalism
Post-graduate studies in Philosophy, History, and Women’s Studies
Master’s in Early Celtic Studies (Archaeology, History, Mythology with a focus on Roman Britain)
Numerous other publishing-related courses