Kind words from clients and colleagues

“If you are looking for an editor who is a fantastic communicator—who responds in a timely fashion to any and all questions or issues that arise—look no further. Thank you again Lea—you’re my #1 choice of editor!”

Staci Sprout, licensed psychotherapist, author of Naked in Public

“Lea is by far the best editor I’ve ever worked with. She knew our style guide inside and out and really drove consistency across our documentation set. Her passion for quality and attention to detail really came across in her edits. Lea is also highly technical. She didn’t just read the words; she loaded product builds and walked through the UI as she edited content. I’ve done a bit of editing myself throughout my career in technical communication, and I look to Lea as my role model. Anyone who hires Lea should consider themselves very lucky!”

Shari Kjerland, Senior Technical Writer, Microsoft

“It was great to work with Lea. She has an excellent understanding of editing practice, an admirable work ethic, and is a real team player. I hope to work with her again.”

Kate Nack, Editor and Writer

“Lea’s editing has helped me become a better writer. She asked insightful questions. She also shared and explained her knowledge so I didn’t continue to make the same grammatical mistakes. The proof came from an agent who wrote, “Your manuscript is so clean!” Lea’s work made me look good and, as a result, I feel more professional.”

Debra Borchert, Borchert Communications